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About Crystal Clawz Training Academy

Welcome to Crystal Clawz


Welcome to the colorful world of Crystal Clawz, where nails and art unite to create something magical. Before we jump into the glitter and gloss, let’s sit back, relax, and get to know each other a bit.


The Heart of Crystal Clawz

In the heart of Crystal Clawz, there are two unstoppable ladies, Jenn Miller and Bev Kruger.


Jenn Miller

First up, we have Jenn, our very own queen of creativity. She’s not just been in the nail tech world for an impressive 25 years, but she also has a knack for infusing learning with a healthy dose of fun. Jenn is the one who hand-picked our educator team and trained them to deliver top-notch lessons with a smile.


Bev Kruger

Then we’ve got Bev, our co-director extraordinaire. She’s the one juggling business management, HR, and accounting, ensuring our venture is always purring along smoothly.

Jenn and Bev, together, have turned Crystal Clawz into a beacon of quality, creativity, and empowerment for nail techs across the globe.


Our Product Range & Academy

They’ve meticulously crafted a reliable range of products for nail pros, but they didn’t just stop there. Oh no! They went on to create the Crystal Clawz Nail Academy, a hub of learning and inspiration for nail techs across South Africa.

Meet Our Educators

Now, let’s meet our phenomenal educators, led by Karin Bouwer. These are the incredible individuals who, with their extensive experience and expertise, will guide and mentor you on your journey to becoming a proficient nail technician. Each educator brings a unique set of skills and teaching style to the table, united by their passion for nail artistry and dedication to student success. Whether it’s mastering the basics or exploring advanced techniques, our educators are here to support and inspire you every step of the way.

Our Values & Culture

Our academy is the twin soul of our sister brand at crystalclawz.co.za, sharing the same DNA of values and culture. We live by our 15-point culture – the principles that shape each step we take and each decision we make. Curious about our culture? Zip on over here to our 15 points of culture.These values are like our guiding compass, helping us create an environment that is supportive, empowering, and helps you fly high.

Our Commitment to You

We’re here to help you blossom, providing you with the knowledge, skills, and encouragement you need to morph from a nail enthusiast to a total pro. Each course, workshop, and art class we offer is designed to inspire, guide, and support you. We’re not just about teaching; we’re about fanning your confidence, helping you wield that brush with poise and style.We’re just us – friendly, grounded, always ready for a chinwag. And remember, we’re not just a brand that talks; we’re a brand that listens, learns, and grows with you.So, now that we’ve spilled the beans about our story, let’s start this exciting journey. We’re here to help you paint your future, one nail at a time.Keep shining, future nail boss, and remember, we’ve got your back.Until next time, keep those sparkles flying!