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SPIDER GEL workshop

This Workshop is for anyone wanting to learn how to effectively work with Spider Gel when creating nail art


  1. **Preparation of Nail Pops and Colour**

   – Explanation of how to prepare nail pops and choose appropriate colours

   – Demonstration of the preparation process

  1. **Understanding Spider Gel**

   – Explanation of what Spider Gel is and its role in nail art

   – Discussion of the benefits and uses of Spider Gel

  1. **Demonstration: Creating Straight and Fine Lines with Spider Gel**

   – Explanation of the technique for creating straight and fine lines

   – Demonstration of the line creation process using Spider Gel

  1. **Demonstration: Creating Triangles with Three Lines**

   – Explanation of the technique for creating triangles using three lines

   – Demonstration of the triangle creation process

  1. **Demonstration: Creating Curves and Butterflies with Spider Gel**

   – Explanation of the technique for creating curves and butterflies

   – Demonstration of the curve and butterfly creation process using Spider Gel

  1. **Demonstration: Applying Speckled Top Coat and Glitter**

   – Explanation of the process of applying a speckled top coat and glitter

   – Demonstration of the application process

  1. **Question and Answer Session with Coffee Break**

   – Open forum for learners to ask questions about the material covered

   – Coffee break for learners to relax and discuss the material informally

  1. **Practical Application: All Try All Designs**

   – Hands-on practice session where each learner tries to create all the designs covered in the workshop

   – Feedback and guidance from the instructor during the practical application session



2 Hour Workshop

Workshop with no Kit: R480 including certificate of attendance

Workshop with Kit: R1515 including certificate of attendance



Double-ended Dotting Tool Set

Spider Gel (6g) – Black Magic or Spider Gel (6g) – White Webbing

CREME D’LUX Gel Polish (10ml) #042 or CREME D’LUX Gel Polish (10ml) #001

Gel Polish Top Coat (10ml)

White Speckled Top Coat (#033) or Black Speckled Top Coat (#034)

CREME D’LUX Gel Polish (10ml) #211

Microfibre Cosmetic Bag