Flexi-Pro tips and Rubber Base Workshop

20may9:00 am12:00 amFlexi-Pro tips and Rubber Base WorkshopBrakpan, Gauteng

Event Details

  1. **Introduction to Different Shapes**

– Explanation of various nail shapes

– Demonstration of how to achieve each shape

  1. **Natural Nail Preparation**

– Explanation of the importance of natural nail preparation

– Demonstration of proper techniques for natural nail preparation

  1. **Nail Tip Sizing and Preparation**

– Explanation of how to correctly size nail tips

– Demonstration of how to prepare the nail tip for application

  1. **Application with Rubber Base**

– Explanation of the role of the rubber base in nail application

– Demonstration of the application process using a rubber base

  1. **Nail Tip Cutting and Shaping**

– Explanation of the techniques for cutting and shaping the nail tip

– Demonstration of the cutting and shaping process

  1. **To Strengthen or Not?**

– Explanation of when nail strengthening is necessary and when it’s not

– Discussion of the pros and cons of nail strengthening

  1. **Practical Application**

– Hands-on practice session for learners to apply what they’ve learned

– Feedback and guidance from the instructor during the practical application session



(Monday) 9:00 am - 12:00 am


Brakpan, Gauteng

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